Unlike other training providers, we deliver interactive workshops on MS Excel, specifically tailored to the needs of arts organisations.

To celebrate the launch of this training, we are hosting a one-off taster workshop in London on 23rd February 2018 from 10am – 1pm for 15 arts organisation employees. Following 3 hours of group exercises, discussions and activities, participants will leave feeling enriched and more confident in using Excel.

We invite up to 2 employees per arts organisation to join us for this taster workshop. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The workshop itself (usually £450 for 15 people) is free. All we ask for in return is a £20 deposit to secure your place which will be returned upon your arrival.

Refreshments will also be provided at no extra cost.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The workshop venue will be announced by 31st January 2018, and will be a central London location.
  2. Participants must attend the workshop to receive their deposit back, any participants who fail to attend will subsequently forfeit their deposit.
  3. Photos will be taken of the workshop to be used for Diametrical’s marketing and publicity purposes. Participants should be aware of this and must let the Diametrical know if they would not like their image used before the workshop begins.
  4. All participants will be required to complete a feedback form at the end of the workshop to assist with the continuing development of Diametrical’s quality of training.


Almost every company, Arts or otherwise will at some point require Excel. To gain a better understanding of how the Arts industry commonly uses this tool, we asked a variety of employees from Arts organisations across the UK to feedback on how they use Excel in day to day work. Of those we asked, the results were:

  • 100% of Arts employees use Excel for BUDGETS & SCHEDULES/ PLANNING
  • 73% of Arts employees use Excel for VISUALLY COMPARING/SORTING DATA
  • 73% of Arts employees use Excel for LOGGING FINANCES (e.g. income/ expenditure/ petty cash/ invoices)

These are simply the most common uses shared with a breadth of Arts Organisations across the UK, but Excel is capable and used for so much more. From personal to-do lists to arranging seating layouts for public shows and events, Excel is a tool which enhances the work of any company.



Here at Diametrical, we all have a background in the Arts, from theatre to music to Arts education and beyond. We are all creatives who have a desire to enhance the work of Arts organisations however we can.

Throughout our collective time working in creative administrative environments, we regularly encountered Excel errors and over-complicated processes within our organisations. These problems could be easily solved if the employees owned a greater confidence and understanding of the capabilities of Excel.

The Arts is for the Arts. We want to enable your company to have the time and money to focus on your mission while avoiding getting bogged down in your spreadsheets.

As creatives ourselves we understand the needs and demands of the Arts industry. Our aim is to support and enhance the creative work you produce.



  • 88% of all spreadsheets have significant errors.
– Raymond R. Panko, ‘What We Know About Spreadsheet Errors’ (2008)  

Spreadsheets are a crucial tool for any business, and yet they remain to be a burden for many employees.

Our interactive training will relieve you of this burden, creating a more enjoyable work environment for you and your team. If your employees fully understand the programme they are using, they will not only have a higher productivity rate but will also have a stronger connection to the work they are producing. Stronger connections and a happier workplace will quickly lead to a better quality and efficacy of work.

Less time spent correcting mistakes, more time spent enjoying your work. Freeing up time for the tasks that really matter to your company whilst still producing high-quality and easy–to-use spreadsheets.



No matter what your experience, we have a training package to suit your needs.






Ideal for beginner to intermediate users.

Easy to learn and essential training for everyday use of Excel, this package enhances your skills in formatting, formulas and data entry, stretching participants to try out these skills both numerically and non-numerically while applying them to spreadsheets which they can take back to the office with them. 4-6 £300.00
7-9 £360.00
10-12 £396.00
+£18.00 for additional participants (Maximum 15 total)


Ideal for Intermediate to advanced users.

Advanced yet easy to master training for more complex use of Excel, this package enhances your skills in charts and tables, advanced formulas and intricate formatting, enabling participants to take full ownership over their numerical and non-numerical spreadsheets, while also applying them to spreadsheets which they can take back to the office with them. 4-6 £354.00
7-9 £414.00
10-12 £450.00
+£20.00 for additional participants (Maximum 15 total)

Our starting packages are EVERYDAY and ADVANCED. Once you know which of these packages you’d prefer, we can begin to plan your bespoke workshop, tailoring the content of the workshop to best suit the needs of your company.

We can work on spreadsheets which are specific to your company, help you to create something completely new or simply show you how to use the tools to create your own.

Whether your employees have their own laptops or not, we can adapt the delivery of our workshop to suit your facilities.

We travel to your place of work so there is no extra cost for venue hire*.

For more information or to start planning a workshop, contact

*if external venue hire is needed a fee will be negotiated depending on your needs and numbers



We understand that training is not always at the forefront when it comes to deciding what your company is going to spend its funds on, and we certainly don’t want to leave you feeling your money was wasted. That is why we ensure the content of our workshops is adapted to the needs and demands of your company. Our training will save your employees time in their working day for other tasks, and so will soon pay for itself (and then some) with the amount of hours freed up each week.

Unlike other training providers, we deliver interactive workshops adapted to the minds and interests of artistic individuals, helping you to unlock the creative potential of Excel.

The costs of our workshops per head are far lower than you would find in other Excel training courses, or even in any other personal tutoring in general. The rate per person on our EVERYDAY package for 7-9 participants comes to only £15 p/h (half the cost of the average music lesson which is approximately £30 p/h!).

This is a skill not only beneficial for your company, but for your team as individuals who will use the tools we teach them in the development of their personal career.

Would you struggle to find enough people in your team who would benefit from this training? Then we encourage you to buddy up with another company and split the cost. As long as we’re helping you achieve a deeper understanding of Excel, we’re happy.

Do you feel this training isn’t quite right for you? Get in touch with any requests or feedback on what sort of training you’re looking for. We’ll sort it from there.