The chart preferences dialog box allows some standard Excel behaviours to be set according to your preferences.

Chart Preferences Dialog Box
  • Outlines – Allows you to set the outline of series in column, bar and area charts to the fill colour, black, white or the template neutral colour.
  • Omit Date Axis Labels – If a chart has a date axis it is sometimes unnecessary to label it as such, so this setting will over-ride the template and not add a label if you prefer.
  • Reverse Categories – Excel bar charts typically list the categories from bottom to top in the chart, so the first category in the data will be at the bottom. If you prefer to have them listed from top to bottom instead, this setting permits this behaviour.
  • Surface Chart 3D shadings – By default Excel surface charts colour a band of values in a solid colour which can disguise the shape of the data. Checking this enables the 3D shading option by default which lends more perspective to the chart data as shown below.
Surface Chart Without 3D Shading
Surface Chart With 3D Shading