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One of the most time-consuming jobs when preparing presentations is ensuring that the key visual elements of the charts are styled consistently. Have the right fonts and text sizes been used? Has the right colour palette been selected? Is the chart the right size for copying into the PowerPoint presentation?

The problems of ensuring consistency are multiplied when several team members are collaborating on a presentation. Having to re-format charts more than once saps productivity and morale, especially when there is more important work to do.

QuickChart helps avoid these problems by using a styling template which can be customised to your precise requirements. You can easily codify your “house style” including fonts, sizes and colours and ensure that all charts are created consistent with that style.

You can also have multiple templates and switch between them so that you can apply client branding colours to charts if desired, or just create a number of different styles for different purposes. For example, presentations, posters and documents might all have subtly different requirements.

Templates are created using XML – samples are provided and can be easily modified using Notepad or other desktop programs. More details on this process can be found here.

For example, consider how Excel charts data by default:

Default Excel Chart Style

It’s quite plain, there are no axis labels, the border can be annoying when copying to another document. It definitely isn’t visually appealing.

Now compare that to how this chart is automatically formatted when QuickChart is installed:

QuickChart Auto-Formatted Chart Style

We’ve automatically included the axis labels, we’ve applied our own colour palette (independent of the workbook’s own colour palette), we’ve formatted the dates and the values, located the legend where we want it, lost the border and generally improved the appearance. And this required absolutely no additional work or time for the user – it happened automatically and instantaneously.

Think of all those five-or-ten-minutes that you spend styling charts, either for yourself or other people. It could easily add up to hours in your week. QuickChart is an instant productivity booster.