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A scatter plot with labelled points is something that can be achieved in Excel by adding labels to a series after the chart has been created, but this feature in QuickChart just makes life a little bit simpler.

To make the chart, just select the data as usual, but include the labels on the left-hand side.

Labelled Scatter Selection

Then just press the “Labelled Scatter” button on the toolbar (in the Scatter Charts Group).

Labelled Scatter Chart

As you can see, the chart has been created with labels applied to both of the data series.

If you click on a single point, you can see that the label refers to the label range selected in the first step (in this case the cell B12).

Labelled Scatter Point Cell Reference

If you wanted to break that reference so that it is just text rather than linked, you can achieve this by right-clicking on the point and selecting “QuickChart Fix Data Label”.

Fix the Data Label

You can, of course, do this for a whole series as well.

Fix Series Data Labels

There are also shortcut buttons on the menu to create connected scatter plots with labels, either straight or smooth.

Straight Connected Labelled Scatter Plot
Smooth Connected Labelled Scatter Plot

As usual, you can format the individual series further using the standard Excel functions without any problem. They are completely compatible with all existing Excel features.